Is My Child Ready For Preschool?

Preschool is a structured environment which helps children develop important social skills and get better at following instructions. Because young children develop at different rates there isn’t a checklist of must-have skills but there are some areas you can look at to see if your child is ready for group learning. Readiness is also dependent on your child’s maturity level and temperament.

  • Has had opportunities to interact with other children in small group settings
  • Is interested in or engages in peer to peer play
  • Demonstrates some independent play
  • Can separate from you for 2 hours or more
  • Will accept direction from other non-family adults
  • Can express emotions, needs & emotions
  • Can tolerate small levels of frustration without frequent tantrums
  • Interested in learning new things & meeting new friends
  • Shows signs of playing cooperatively with peers
  • Enjoys participation or shows interest in group activities
  • Responds well to consistent routines
  • Good listening skills
  • Able to easily transition from one activity to the next
  • Playdates- with and without you present. Encourages peer play and allows small opportunities for your child to adjust to you not being around
  • Public Libraries offer story hours, craft sessions, dance parties, etc. This can help your child practice sitting quietly, learning social etiquette, and how to be comfortable with others around them. Most library activities are free of charge
  • Community Association Activities- This prepares your child to take instruction from a non-family member. Also encourages cooperative play and participation in group activities. These activities often come with a very minimal charge
  • Playing board/card games at home practices sitting still for an activity and improving concentration
  • At the playground or park encourage your child to play with other children and to introduce themselves

What Is a Cooperative Preschool?

A Cooperative Preschool means that families play a role in the running of the Preschool in the classroom and out of the classroom.  This is a very rewarding opportunity to watch your child learn and interact with other children as well as develop a sense of community between parents, students, and teachers.  We are a non-profit organization where all fees go towards the successful running of the school.  

What are my jobs as a parent?

Parents are expected to help regularly, approximately 1-3 times per month in the classroom on a rotating schedule.   When parents are helping, no other siblings are allowed in the classroom. If parents cannot attend their scheduled day it is the parent’s responsibility to find a substitute; there is an emergency parent who can be contacted to assist.  We rely on parents to ensure a smooth running of the classroom.

All adult volunteers helping in the classroom must complete a criminal record check with vulnerable sector search. A letter to waive the fee will be provided to the parents/guardians at the beginning of August. This document is due to be handed in at our Parent Information Night at the beginning of September.

Parents are expected to participate in one toy wash per year. This is usually a 1.5-2 hours time commitment.

At the parent information night there is a sign up list for a maintenance duty to perform.

Tuition fees do not cover the costs of the Preschool so fundraising is needed. A fundraising fee of $80 is due on February 1, less the amount you fundraised for the school. Fundraisers are chosen by the board before the start of preschool and presented to the families at the Parent Information Night in September.*

Can someone else perform parent helper shifts for me?

Yes! If you are unable to perform these duties yourself, a trusted relative or friend can do them for you provided that they have submitted a criminal record check.

How Do Refunds Work?

For a full refund of your tuition (minus registration fees) you will need to contact the registrar in writing before August 1st. After school has started, we need notice by the 15th of the month required in writing prior to withdrawal. The remainder of fees will be reissued if paid in full or automatic payment will be stopped.

Fundraising is owed at $10/month and will be prorated to such with a withdrawal. Full fees are required come February.



What is the Snack Policy?

Silverspring School and the Preschool have a NUT-ALERT policy. Due to the risk of life-threatening allergies in other students, there must be no Peanut or Tree nuts in any snack items that the children bring. Please pay attention to whether prepackaged foods were processed in a “nut-free facility”.

What if my child is sick or will be absent?

If your child is going to be absent, please phone the preschool classroom at 306-683-4631 before class begins or leave a message on the classroom answering machine. You must also inform the teacher if someone else will be picking up your child after class.

What School Supplies Are Required?

  • A backpack large enough to fit a water bottle, snack, shoes and a change of clothes.
  • Clean, indoor shoes with non-marking sole
  • Labeled water bottle for snack time. Please send water bottle full of water.
  • There are no other supplies required to prepare for school. School supplies are shared amongst all the students. 
  • Please remember children are at school to play. Please dress them accordingly in suitable, comfortable and washable clothing