The Silverspring Preschool Co-operative is an organization that is operated and maintained through parent participation. This sets us apart from other preschool programs in the Saskatoon area.

Co-operative participation can be highly rewarding. It creates a strong sense of community and fosters a unique connection with your child in the school setting. This comes with the commitment of time and energy. Are ready to interact with the students, teachers and other parents within the classroom environment? If so, we welcome you to join our preschool!

We are located in the Ecole Silverspring School (Elementary School) located on 610 Konihowski, Rd, Saskatoon, SK  S7S 1M5

Program Goals

The purpose of this preschool program is to promote physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. Our age-appropriate curriculum has the following goals in mind:

  1. To help each child recognize him/herself as a valuable individual through achievement and praise.
  2. To encourage socialization by cooperating, sharing and being sensitive to others.
  3. To give opportunities for language and speech development by encouraging the child to interact and communicate in structured activities.
  4. To encourage the child to express him/herself in creative ways through the introduction of various materials and equipment.
  5. To develop enjoyment, appreciation and interest in music and books.
  6. To develop small and large muscle coordination through indoor/outdoor exercise activity and manipulative table-top play. Gym time is a scheduled instructional time.
  7. To increase the child’s awareness of the world in which he lives through themed studies, interest centers and field trips.
  8. To take ownership and responsibility for classroom toys and equipment.
  9. To follow structure and routine in a safe and caring environment.
  10. To make the preschool year a positive experience for each child by providing a climate that fosters the love of learning. The objective for the four-year old children would also be to prepare him/her for entrance to Kindergarten (i.e: listening skills, craft skill confidence, comfort zone in school environment).

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy for the Silverspring Cooperative Preschool is:

  • To provide your child with an opportunity to develop emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually and creatively
  • To provide a child centered and developmentally appropriate program based on principles of Early Childhood Education
  • To be a safe and welcoming place for child and parent.
  • To have parental involvement in the program
  • To provide a program to help your child learn to get along with peers and learn to experience new and exciting things in an organized and structure setting

Playtime = Learning Time

Play comprises a large portion of the activity that preschool children engage in during their time at school. Play is a child’s work. It is the child’s natural method of learning.

Through play, children learn to grow from solitary or parallel play into co-operative play. The children learn to share, plan, and direct both their own activity and the activity of others.

Solitary Play

Self-centered play even when other children are present (free from adult judgment or intervention).

Associative Play

Children play side-by-side and may imitate each other (may talk to each other but conversation has nothing to do with the play activity).

Parallel Play

Children play side by side but are engaged in an independent activity (children talk to themselves, not to each other, even if playing with the same piece of equipment their activity remains independent).

Co-operative Play

Children play together in group play and co-operative games. You see leaders and followers emerge. Language is key to keeping play going. Peer approval and sense of belonging to the play becomes important.


Daily Schedule

A typical preschool day includes the following activities:

  1. Opening Circle
  2. Craft
  3. Center Time
  4. Gym/Movement Activities
  5. Snack
  6. Closing Circle

Meet Our Teachers

Mary Lu Rheaume

I am the youngest of seven children and grew up on a farm in the Humboldt area. I received my BEd degree in Saskatoon and have spent most of my teaching career substitute teaching while raising my two children, with the exception of one year in a Kindergarten classroom. We lived in various communities in Saskatchewan until returning to Saskatoon in 2011.

Since then, I have been teaching at Silverspring Cooperative Preschool, while also substitute teaching in both the Separate and Public school divisions.

I really enjoy working with preschool age children! I also enjoy music, reading, camping, hiking and spending time with my grown children and my little Yorkie!

Robin Spence

I am originally from Weyburn, SK and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999 with a B.Ed. I moved to Calgary for a few years where I substitute taught, taught a reading program to Kindergarten students, and taught Gr. 1/2. I keep busy with my four children in various activities and they all attended 2 years at Silverspring Cooperative Preschool. I have been helper parent, board member, and teacher in this fantastic preschool. I was hired in 2017 and it has been the best job in the world! Besides cheering on my children in their activities, I enjoy running, playing ball hockey, crocheting, and being a substitute teacher with SPSD.

Board of Directors

The Silverspring Cooperative Preschool is operated and maintained by its parent members. The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 5 directors, all are parent volunteers. Volunteers are required in order for the preschool to operate. The Board of Directors typically meets once per month during the school year. If a parent wishes to attend a Board meeting, they must provide their Session Rep with two (2) weeks written notice requesting a spot on the Agenda stating the purpose of their attendance.

The Board of Director positions for 2023-2024 are as follows:

PresidentKristen Humphries
Vice President Jennifer Crickett
TreasurerJenna Petrosian
SecretaryBrandon Hutchinson
RegistrarAnil Arora
FundraiserTeanna Taylor
Communications DirectorCarissa Miskolczi
Session A: Monday/Wednesday/Friday PM Session RepStefanie Knorr
Session B: Tuesday/Thursday AM Session RepAmanda Neely
Session C: Monday/Wednesday AM Session RepJennifer Trischuk
Session D: Friday AM Session RepCamille Wionzek
Session E: Tuesday/Thursday PM Session RepDenise Craig